Maastricht International Fair - Ancient Greek Coins

Ancient Greek Coins

The Ancient Greeks were among the first people in the world to use a coinage system starting in the 7th century BC.
Maastricht International Fair - The first edition

The first edition of MIF

The first edition of #MIF2017 will attract a large international amount of exhibitioners and dealers from all over the world.
Large variety in coins at MIF 2017

Large variety in coins at MIF 2017

At the MIF in 2017 there will be a large variety in coins, presented by many different international coindealers and auction houses.
MIF 2017 attractive to investors

MIF 2017 attractive to investors

The low interest rates in Europe create a huge increase in the demand for gold, including gold bullions. Investing in gold coins is always attractive. And now even more fun!
PaperMoneyFair Maastricht 2017 - MIF 2017

MIF 2017

During the weekend of 8,9 and 10 December 2017, the MIF 2017 will be take place. MIF 2017 is a large fair for collectors, investors and dealers of coins, precious metals and banknotes.