If you do not know if you need a visa to enter the Netherlands, please check with the embassy or consulate in your country.

Like any other country, the Netherlands have their customs regulations. If you arrive from outside the EU/Schengen countries you may not only need a visa but also will have to declare goods.

Also the (European) 10.000 Euro declaration law is something to look into. Please check this before you leave. It is your own responsibility. The MIF organisation cannot and will not be involved in problems resulting from not declaring goods.

Entrance to & exit from the EU (European Union countries)
Every visitor entering or departing from the European Union carrying more than (the equivalent of) Euro 10.000 (ten thousand) is obliged by law to fill in a form, specifying the currencies he or she is carrying at the first point of entry into the EU. The form will be supplied by customs, or you can download it here before departing.

Other languages forms can be found after searching online for “European Community” and “1889/05” which is the number of the form. A copy of this form is given to the declaring party, in some countries stamped, in others not. When leaving the EU the same procedure is followed. Apart from that there are still some old rules not replaced by later EU rules for some European countries with less or more Euros (e.g. Cyprus +, Portugal -/-. So far for European UNION). For visitors who carry many different currencies (!), it is recommended to produce a specification of currencies and their equivalent value in Euro’s before their arrival and to attach this specification to their declaration.

Attention is drawn to the fact that at Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport, money dogs are patrolling which are trained to find cash money. Undeclared amounts can be seized for investigation and reporting to a number of government bodies which occupy themselves with terrorism, money laundering, prohibited drugs and evasion of taxes.

We are talking about valid currency from whatever country. It is not illegal to bring amounts over €10.000. It is only illegal if you don’t declare it!

People leaving the EU via Schiphol/Amsterdam are advised to go to the desk opposite EXIT D10 to declare. Calculate another 1-2 hours for the process. This is for your information, in an attempt to help you to avoid serious problems at the border which may ruin your trip to Maastricht. We don’t want to scare anyone, this is just for your information!

Download the European declaration form

Download the brochure about travelling with more than €10.000

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