MECC Exhibition & Congress Center (MECC Maastricht)
Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht
The Netherlands


The MECC has spacious parking facilities around the building. The parking rate is max. 19 euro per 24 hours. The maximum height of the parking garage is 2.05 meter.


Upon arrival, please load and unload in Parking P11, then park your car in Parking P10.
The cost for parking is €19,- per 24 hours.


The MECC is easily accessible by plane, train and car (and from the region also by bus, bicycle and on foot). For the latest traffic information check: Maastricht Bereikbaar.

By car
MECC’ is indicated on ANWB-signs immediately upon entering Maastricht. These signs will direct you to the parking areas of MECC Maastricht. From Amsterdam-Eindhoven take exit 55 (Randwyck-MECC) and from Paris-Liège take exit 56 (Gronsveld-MECC).

By train
Maastricht has a Central train station and train station Maastricht Randwyck. Maastricht-Randwyck Station is 200 meters away from MECC Maastricht and is connected to an international rail network. There is also a regular connection to Maastricht Central Station, which is connected to the (inter)national railroad network.
From Maastricht Central station to Maastricht Randwyck station by train is about 2 minutes.

The train ticket vending machines look complicated and are with dutch instructions only. Although there is a button for English, which could be helpful. The ticket-office can help you better, and if you contact the train attendant he/she may be helpful as well. Fare price for a 2½ hour trip from Amsterdam is about €28.- for a single ticket.

You are advised to check Dutch Railways (NS) Web site: www.ns.nl/cs/satellite/travellers for the exact timetable and price. There is an English language button.

By plane
Many people, collectors and dealers will arrive by plane as well. Looking at the map of this part of Europe, one can see that Maastricht is situated almost right in the middle of the triangle of major airports from Amsterdam – Bruxelles (Belgium) – Liege (Belgium) – Düsseldorf (Germany). Even Cologne/Bonn may be considered. As well as Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands) and Weeze Airport (Germany).

Amsterdam/Schiphol airport:
This is the most convenient destination. You don’t really need a rental car, unless you have lots of goods to carry or have other plans too. By train you can arrive within 2½ hours in Maastricht.

Bruxelles/Zaventem airport:
Is very convenient if you get yourself a rental car and drive in the direction of Maastricht. By train you go into the direction of Liege (Belgium) and change for Maastricht.

Düsseldorf or Cologne/Bonn airports:
As far as I know these are only convenient if you get yourself a rental car and drive in the direction of Aachen. By train you also go direction of Aachen, then Heerlen and Maastricht.

Some may use the Airport Eindhoven or Weeze Airport both as a very good alternative. First one is about 1 hour away from Maastricht. The other one is about 1½ hours. Eindhoven is an easy bus-train connection. Rental car is advised for Weeze. The advantage of choosing these airports is the wide choice in many destinations all over Europe, usually from smaller airports too, because the connections are by low cost air companies. A quick glance on the arrivals/departures listing of Eindhoven Airport e.g. shows destinations such as: London, Bristol, Dublin, Milano and Roma, Marseille, Madrid and Barcelona, Stockholm, Budapest, Prague and Katowice maybe more too.

Plan your trip via 9292.

Travel safely and have a nice flight!

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